Transformer oil testing and inspection equipment
Portable gas chromatograph
Portable gas chromatograph
Energy Support Mobile GC is portable gas chromatograph. One of most important transformer oil test is dissolved gas test. There is no need to transport samples to laboratories anymore - simply put a sample and press test button. Up to 11 different gases can be measured with Mobile GC. Instrument is fully compliant with ASTM D3612 and IEC 60567 standards.

More about the instrument:
Detectable gases and accuracy: hydrogen (1 ppm), carbon monoxide (0,2 ppm), carbon dioxide (0,2 ppm), methane (0,1 ppm), acetylene (0,1 ppm), ethylene (0,1 ppm), ethane (0,1 ppm), propene (0,5 ppm), propane (0,5 ppm), oxygen (30 ppm) and nitrogen (30 ppm);
Measurement technology: full gas chromatographic analysis;
Measurement range: 0,1 ... 100 000 ppm;
Measurement resolution: 0,1 ppm;
Sampling: 10 ml of oil is needed;
Gas requirements: 99,999 % purity argon gas, 99,999 % purity hydrogen;
Ingress protection: IP 67;
Working temperature: 0 ... +50 °C;
Dimensions: 460 x 500 x 310 mm;
Weight: 19 kg.
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