Transformer oil testing and inspection equipment
Doble Myrkos
Measurement data
Measurement technology: Dual-channel gas chromatograph
Gases measured: H2 (hydrogen) CO (carbon monoxide) CO2 (carbon dioxide) CH4 (methane) C2H2 (acetylene) C2H4 (ethylene) C2H6 (ethane) O2 (oxygen) N2 (nitrogen)
Repeatability: ±2%
Accuracy: ±6%
Resolution: 1 ppm
Measurement time: 2 minutes
Sampling: 100 ml Shake Test® syringe for oil samples, 10 ml glass syringe for gas samples from relay, tank or PTFE membrane, Room temperature injection
Sample integrity: Used as directed, individual syringes ensure no gas loss and no cross-contamination, Automatic line purging with internal sampling pump
Gas filtering: Disposable oil traps (5 μm), Replaceable particle trap (10 μm)

Connectivity: TCP/IP Ethernet
Interface software: Morgan Schaffer PPMreport

Power supply
Input: 100 V ... 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 100 W, 1Ø
Output: 24 V DC, 6.2 A
Power cord: 8 ft with IEC 60320/Cl 3 to NEMA 5-l 5P

General information
Dimensions: 250 x 155 x 420 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Operating temperature: 0°C ... 50°C
Safety: IEC / EN 61010-1: 2001
EMC rating: IEC 61326-1: 2005 / EN 61326-1: 2006, CISPR 11: 2003 / EN 55011: 1998 + A1: 1999 + A2: 2002
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