Blower doors
BlowerDoor equipment consisting of one or three blowers for leakage tracking and pressure measurement.
Blower Door BlowerDoor MiniFan
Blower Door
BlowerDoor MiniFan
With a measuring range of 5 to 2,300 m³/h, our compact BlowerDoor MiniFan System is perfect for the use in individual apartments or very airtight or smaller buildings. To test the performance of ventilation systems, simply combine it with the Minneapolis FlowBlaster and the Micro Leakage Meter.

Standard set: BlowerDoor fan, flow rings 1–4 and flexible connecting trim, digital pressure gauge DG-1000 with transport bag, accessory bag incl. fan cover, BlowerDoor panel (standard size), fan speed controller (220–240 V) incl. gauge board, reference guide, software TECTITE Express 5.1, tube set incl. T-piece, capillary tube, calibration certificate for the DG-1000 and for the BlowerDoor fan / BlowerDoor mounting frame (standard size) incl. transport bag.
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Main features
5 ... 2300 m³/h at 50 Pa
Measuring range
-2500 ... +2500 Pa
Display resolution
0,1 Pa
± 0,9 % of reading or ± 0,12 Pa
Additional features




Price 4595.00 without VAT
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