Delta OHM HD 2103.1
Delta OHM
HD 2103.1
The HD2103.1 is designed for use in the fields of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and environmental comfort. It use hot-wire or vane probes to measure air speed, flow rate, and temperature inside pipelines and vents. Temperature only is measured by immersion, penetration air or contact probes. The temperature sensor used can be chosen from the Pt100, Pt1000.
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Main features
Wind speed
0,1 m/s ... 40 m/s
Wind speed accuracy
±0,2 m/s (0 m/s ... 0,99 m/s)
Air flow rate


Additional features
Temperature measurement
-200 °C ... +650 °C
Power supply
Special accessories
External temperature sensor


Price 300.90 without VAT
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