Surge voltage generators
Baur SSG 2100
SSG 2100
Surge voltage generator BAUR SSG 2100 (2048 J) are used for pre-location and pinpointing of high- and low-resistive as well as intermittent faults in power cables. The energy stored in a high-voltage capacitor is released at regular intervals or as DC voltage. The thus generated acoustic signal at the fault position can be recorded with a ground microphone and a universal receiver.

Standard set: surge voltage generator, mains supply cord (2.5 m.), HV connection cable (4 m.), earth cable (4 m.), jumper plug for external emergency stop unit, user manual.
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Main features
Surge voltage generator


Surge generator output voltage
0 ... 8 kV / 0 ... 16 kV / 0 ... 32 kV
Surge pulse energy
2048 J
Generation pulse sequence
10, 20 impuls / min
DC output voltage range
0 ... 32 kV
DC current output range
850 mA
Cable burn down method


Output voltage range
0 ... 8 kV / 0 ... 16 kV / 0 ... 32 kV
Max. output current
850 mA, short term operation
Max. load capacity
Internal discharge resistance
Pin-pointing cable fault location method


Additional features
Analogue voltmeter
Operating temperature
-20 °C ... 50 °C
Electric strength
Special accessories
TDR for cable fault location
IRG 2000
System coupling module with SSG generator
SA 32
Surge current coupling module
SK 1
Universal receiver
UL 30
Ground microphone
BM 30
Discharge and grounding rod
GDR 40-250
Surge voltage generator (0 ... 32 kV / 2000 Ws)
Included in standard set
External auto transformator 110/230 V, 3kVA
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